#City & Town Planning
Cornwall County Council
United Kingdom

We are petitioning against the proposed planning for 30-40 dwellings at the bottom of Hayle Community School field. The concerns for this planning can be summarised in the following points:

1) Already potentially 2000-3000 houses proposed or already granted planning in Hayle;

2) The access for these dwellings leads on to an already congested and potentially dangerous road;

3) The rapid expansion of Hayle's population is not being supported with up-dating the town's infrastructure; roads, doctor's and houses;

4) More housing = more traffic through Hayle's unsupported, residential roads;

5) Schools are not equipped to accommodate an increase in numbers - potentially leading to a negative impact on teaching and learning. Class sizes increasing beyond acceptable levels.

6) The sale of the school field for housing is to generate £1,000,000 towards the proposed sports hub at the school (that will cost £3,000,000) intended for both school and community use. However where is the market research to prove that the community want/need what is being offered in the proposed sports hub?

7) If the school field is sold for building and planning is granted there is no going back. A green space will be lost forever. If the sports hub is deemed unsuccessful as a business venture and is unable to be sustained through membership venue - the sale of the school field will be in vain;

8) It is recognised and agreed that the school requires a new sports hall - is there not a way we can raise money to support the development of this facility for the school alone that they can rent out as they wish?

9) The opening of the Asda store is going to also increase the amount of traffic entering and exiting Hayle town centre. Hayle's road infrastructure will not cope with this new development and an increase of traffic generated from the proposed 2000-3000 houses.

We, the undersigned, call upon Cornwall County Council, to oppose the proposed planning for 30-40 dwellings at the bottom of Hayle Community School field.

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