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With the increase in chemical additives over the past 50 years, there has been little legislation change regarding the policy of adding a toxic chemical, Fluoride, to municipal drinking water supplies.

The following studies are sourced:

Dartmouth University - Roger D. Masters, Poisoning the Well: Neurotoxic Metals, Water Treatment, and Human Behavior.

MEDCOM (United States Army Medical Command) - A study requested regarding water fluoridation within military bases. Response letter by Dr. Phyllis J. Mullenix, Ph.D.

The Natrick Report - A panel of 12 doctors and scientists resolved in a report, funded by the city of Natrick, Massachusetts, that one way to ensure a healthier population is to stop the artificial fluoridation of water, which is connected with many recently researched medical and neurological disorders.

In light of overwhelming research regarding the long term negative neurological and health effects associated with the artificial fluoridation of water and the inadvertent chemicals frequently found in fluoride sources, we, the undersigned, demand that the practice of fluoridation of municipal drinking water, within the City of Statesboro, cease immediately.

Water fluoridation has, in recent years, not only been proven to be an ineffective dental treatment with no scientific support regarding it's effect on dental decay, it has also been frequently associated scientifically with various neurological conditions including but not limited to the following:

Numerous Learning Disabilities

Dental Fluorosis

Increased Hip Fractures in the Elderly

Additionally, as commercial fluoride is a byproduct produced from the chemical scrubbing of Phosphate fertilizer tanks, it frequently contains other pollutants including, but not limited to: Lead and arsenic.

With this information available, we, the undersigned, feel it would be neglect bordering on criminal misconduct to allow the overwhelming evidence against this practice to go unheeded.

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