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The Ammunition Accountability Act (Alabama senate bill 541, Arizona house bill 2833, California senate bill 997, Connecticut Senate bill 603, Hawaii house bill 2392, senate bill 2020, 2076, house resolution 82-07, concurrent resolution 104-06, Illinois house bill 4258, 4259, 4269, 4349, senate bill 1095, Indiana house bill 1260, Kentucky house bill 715, Maryland house bill 517, Mississippi senate bill 2286, Missouri senate bill 1200, New Jersey assembly bill 2490, New York assembly bill 10259, 6920, 7300, senate bill 1177, 3731, Pennsylvania house bill, Rhode Island senate bill 2742, South Carolina senate bill 1259, Tennessee house bill 3245, senate bill 3395, Washington house bill 3359) is an act concerning ammunition coding. The purpose is to code and track all ammunition sold in the U.S. If passed into law, the act states that any person who manufactures handgun or assault weapon ammunition shall register with the commissioner of public safety and maintain records for a period of seven years concerning all sales, deliveries, and all other transfers of coded ammunition. In addition, any person selling coded ammunition at retail shall register with the commissioner of public safety, record the date of each sale, the name of the purchaser, the purchaser's motor vehicle operator's license number or other government issued ID card, the date of birth of the purchaser, and the unique identification code of the ammunition sold. The retailer must then maintain these records in a database for a minimum period of three years.

This system is flawed, an invasion of our privacy and unconstitutional.

1. It is an invasion of privacy to keep track of what type of rounds and how many rounds of ammunition a permitted, law abiding citizen purchases. This information should not be public knowledge unless the individual making the purchase is a criminal. This can be verified by the purchaser showing a valid state pistol permit.

2. The probability of a person obtaining someone else’s ammunition without the owner’s knowledge is far greater than obtaining control over another person’s firearm.

3. Serial numbers on ammunition can be bootlegged by criminals who know they can send an investigation in the wrong direction just by etching a fake serial number in the projectile. This can in turn incarcerate an innocent individual for a crime they did not commit.

4. This Act is an infringement on our right to bear arms. The Second Amendment clearly states “a well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. This amendment was put into place to keep power with the people of the state, not the government. The government taking control over our ammunition is an indirect infringement of this right.

We, the undersigned, call on the U.S federal and local legislatures to eliminate "The Ammunition Accountability Act" or any similar acts from being passed into law in all 50 States of The United States of America.

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