Town of Hayden
United States of America

Dear Routt County Citizen,

Did you know that the entire town of Hayden, including waterways and parks, are aerially sprayed with pesticides (Perm X 30-30) several times every summer without consent? Citizens are told they will be safe by going inside and closing their windows. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Perm X 30-30 clearly states on its warning label that it is to be kept away from children and pets. *It also states in bold lettering that it is especially harmful/toxic to aquatic life.* Following these precautions is nearly impossible when being distributed by airplane. The label states that it should not be used around crops, potable water supplies, or animal drinking/food supplies. The residue is on everything—cars, sheds, gardens, and playground equipment. It also infiltrates our air systems. According to the manufacturer of Perm X 30-30, it takes days in the sunlight to dissipate. Studies show when it binds to garden soil or pond sediment, it can persist for months.

We are the Hayden Area Community Alliance, and we are seeking support from our community to help end this invasive practice! We are concerned about our children’s health, along with our rivers and local wildlife. We ask that you help by stating your opposition to aerial spraying and voicing support for an alternative means for mosquito control.

By writing a statement about your concern and disapproval, you are helping us show the town of Hayden that there are invested businesses and individuals who depend on the health of not only Hayden citizens, but of the overall ecosystem that much of our county’s businesses depend on.

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