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I have suffered with a gambling addiction for the last two years. This started when I went off work Jan 2012 with work related stress quickly followed by depression. I started using online bingo sites and quickly mounted a debt of over £18,000.

I have suffered with mental health suicidal thoughts and severe depression through these sites. I want these sites OFF TV at least before 9pm.

Help me to get these sites better legislated (and even better stopped). I am aware they grip vulnerable people and are quick to advertise how much they pay out but do NOT advertise how much they take off people and destroy people's lives.

I would like as many people as possible to help me in my campaign to STOP these sites being allowed to advertise before 9pm.

These sites are on from 09.30 am all day every day. They destroy lives and families and need to be stopped.

PLEASE SIGN to help me.

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