#National Affairs
Citizens Against the Abuse of Fireworks
Trinidad and Tobago

In Trinidad and Tobago, the abuse of fireworks on special occasions such as Divali and New Years Day is becoming more and more of a menace.

Impromptu surveying of citizens both over the internet and face to face show that the ill effects of abuse of not just illegal fireworks such as "scratchbombs" but also legally available fireworks over an extended period of hours not just affects human beings negatively, but also causes significant ill effects to animals.

Listed among the complaints given by citizens are: increased anxiety attacks/ ill effects to those suffering from nervous disorders, increased number of accidental and on occasion, even intentional burns caused by the setting off of fireworks in close contact to human beings and animals. increased damage to homes and other places of abodes caused by setting off of fireworks in close proximity to such establishments, death of animals due to heart attacks caused by extensive fright due to the loud noise of activated fireworks.

These complaints were given on a widescale and were not limited to any one geographical area.

We, the undersigned, call for set regulations with regards to the hours that citizens are legally allowed to use fireworks on special occasions (6- 10 pm on Divali and Independence Days and 8:00-12:30 pm on New Years Day) and also that such occasions be specifically restricted to that of Independence Day, Divali Day and New Years Day.

We also call for increased regulations and bigger punishments for those facilitating the sale of illegal fireworks.

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