#Civil Rights
White House, Congress and the Senate
United States of America

Firearm Ownership is not only a right guaranteed by the second Ammendment, but also a god given right to be able to defend ourselves.

Diane Feinstein has proposed a bill that would not only limit our ability to purchase firearms, but also limit our ability to defend ourselves, our families, and our way of life. She has used the tragedy in Connecticut to her own political advantage, which is not only distasteful, but also a disgusting misuse of power.

Connecticut already has a firearms ban, did that stop the shooter? No, so why would a nationwide ban on weapons be any different. The real problem here is evil, not firearms, and we need to be able to defend ourselves against it. In China, 22 children were killed by a knife wielding madman at an elementary school on or about the same day.

China has not proposed a ban on Knives, because its not the tools that cause these incidents, it is people, with evil intent in their hearts. Schools are supposedly safe "Gun Free" zones, did that law stop this man from going into a school and murdering innocent people? No, because criminals and evil know no laws, follow no rules, and these so called "Gun Free" zones are part of the problem, we protect our President with armed security, our money, our borders, our homes and streets with armed police, but we fail to protect our most precious asset our children?

We, the undersigned oppose the proposed Assault Weapons Ban of 2013 proposed by Diane Feinstein and any other bill, law, or proposal which would limit the availability of firearms to law abiding citizens, by limiting the sale, transfer, purchase, importation, registration, or licensing of said firearms.

We will not stand by and allow our rights to be infringed upon.

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