#Civil Rights
John Key of the National Party NZ
New Zealand

There are both pleasant, and unpleasant things about periods.

However, there is one thing in particular that is beyond unpleasant, it is vindictive, unfair, and - dare we say it - a touch sexist.

That is the fact that a physical necessity - a sanitary product to deal with the perfectly natural occurrence of the menstrual cycle - is taxed.

That's right,

We live in 2016, and people are being TAXED for having a period.

This is something which should really be heavily subsidised, or free, like condoms, and instead, our government is taxing people for it.

We needn't explain why this is beyond a joke, the simple fact that around HALF OF ALL NEW ZEALANDERS HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO MENSTRUATE should highlight why the taxing of these products is unfair, and something which needs to change.

So we, the signatories , petition the John Key of the National Party to make this change. Show some decency, and some respect, to the same part of life to which you owe your own.

We, the undersigned, call on the Prime Minister John Key and the National Party Government of New Zealand, to eliminate all tax on the sale of all tampons/pads and other menstrual products in New Zealand.

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