Various popular tabloids that have been publishing stories or pictures about Michael's children

Does this world not have a conscience? These are kids; what are we doing to them?

A while ago Michael Jackson's kids were involved in a car accident after media were dogging them. Sure, no one got hurt, and it was not their vehicle that got hit, but it could easily have happened. Do we really want another Princess Diana? Do we want to live with regrets?

And now articles are being published such as this one.

This is a gross invasion of a CHILD's privacy. The person who sold the story obviously felt like she deserved to see Paris' emotion (obviously if Paris started crying, she would get much more money from The Sun, come on people, time to listen to Money) so when she didn't she called them "robots".

And you know what? It doesn't matter if it's negative or positive. Sure, it's sweet that the kids go to yoga or whatever the hell they want to go to, but it's none of our business. We act like we have a right to know whatever we want about their lives. They never volunteered for this, any less than Michael did, but even more so because they were born into this, never did anything to be put into the public eye. And now they'll get stalked the rest of their lives.

As Michael so rightly says in Money, people do this for money, and the only way they will be affected is with money. We can write a letter, we can make a petition, and no one's going to care, because hey, they keep making money from those who want to read the latest drama.

So here's what we've got to do. We've got to use the power of our dollar bill.

I propose that we make a petition. But not just any petition that's a list of names saying "we want you to stop"... they won't care. By signing this petition, you will AGREE that you will NEVER buy a tabloid or publication that includes stories, pictures, or anything about Michael's kids. Positive or negative, you will not support the invasion of privacy, and you will definitely not support any lies or rudeness about children.

I know some people enjoy reading tabloids, and this will be difficult, because there will be other stories you'll want to read. But you can give this up for Michael and his kids. And this lasts indefinitely--or at least until the tabloids stop posting stuff about his kids, since of course you're always "allowed" to buy a tabloid that does not include them (:
When a substantial amount of people have joined the petition, we'd mail it to the major tabloids. If enough people are involved, this will make a difference. That many people not buying the magazines (and not giving their money to the advertisers) will cause them to rethink and make that simple choice not to include the kids.

We, the undersigned, call on all major tabloids to refrain from publishing articles, stories, or pictures of Paris, Prince, and Blanket Jackson. In addition, each of us, the undersigned, promise that we will never purchase a tabloid or publication that includes stories, pictures, or anything about them.

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