#Media Issues
Federal Communications Commisssion (FCC)
United States of America

Chairman of the FCC, Kevin J. Martin, has plans to repeal, in two months, a restriction that currently prevents a company from owning a newspaper and a television or radio station in the same city.

This necessary regulation prevents large conglomerates from monopolizing public access to information. Some major conglomerate executives such as Rupert Murdoch have been lobbying for years for reform on these restrictions.

You can view more information on the FCC website: http://www.fcc.gov/ownership/

And at LBN E-lert: http://www.lbnelert.com/?cat=2 (if the article is not on the front page, search the archive).

We, the undersigned, believe that at no point in the history of democracy have citizens benefited from an economic monopoly, particularly in communications.

Relaxing the rules of media ownership will destroy the free market by eliminating competition. Communications regulated for the interests of big business kill our choices and narrow our perspectives; They remove access to diverse points of view, and undermine our involvement in the larger world.

Mr. Chairman, we call on you and your fellow commissioners to protect this important regulation, to protect public access to knowledge and events, and to protect our diversity and breadth as a nation.

We call on you to remember that your first obligation is to the public at large, and to leave the present rules of media ownership as they stand.

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