Mayor of London, Citizens of London
United Kingdom

This disgusting habit is filling London's pavements and stations landscape. The government agencies already have to deal with chewing gum on pavements and spend thousands on removing it.

Now this extremely unpleasant habit of spitting is taking over the city. This is an unsanitary practice and poses a danger for airborne diseases.

It has come to my notice that people in London spit excessively. This I consider a horrible and unpleasant habit. Stepping on someone's gob splattered on a pavement gives me the creeps and I consider it just as bad as dog poo.

If there is a law against dog fouling, I think there should be a law against people fouling. I would like there to be an end to this unhygienic habit in this beautiful city with your help.

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The Stop Spitting in London (ban this disgusting habit) petition to Mayor of London, Citizens of London was written by PRIYA BUCHANAN and is in the category Environment at GoPetition.