#Children's Rights
The Chico Mall and the Chico City Council
United States of America

I walked into Spencer's Gifts in our local mall with my 8 year old daughter to buy a tuxedo t-shirt, knowing they are a gag gift type store. Outside their doorway was a large gum ball machine, and in the entry were many funny hats that resembled Sesame Street characters... it looked like a toy store.

As we entered I asked the clerk where I might find the t-shirt. He pointed to the second aisle in the store. I quickly noticed the first aisle contained all kinds of sex books with explicit pictures on them demonstrating sexual positions with very risqué titles, such as, "Over 100 Sizzling Sex Positions," "Kinky Vows," etc., well, you get the idea. The aisle we needed had boxes of blow up dolls, one entitled, "The Midget Love Doll," "Famous Fanny Love Doll," etc. displaying very descriptive pictures along with vibrators, cock rings, all kinds of sexual paraphernalia! (I know the titles because I later took pictures). The packaging was so bright, it couldn't be missed, and I watched my daughter's eyes practically pop out of her head! I was stunned, and promptly took her out of the store.

I went back later and saw aisles of sexual paraphernalia no one would want their children to be able to see, hold, or buy! Once, home I googled 'Why can Spencer's Gifts sell adult sex toys?' Check it out for yourself. Should our children be able to view such item in our local Malls where parents allow their children to roam? Please help save the children of Chico!

We, the citizens of Chico, California, being of voting age (18 or older) do express our OUTRAGE that stores in our local community, such as Spencer's Gifts in our Chico Mall, are selling pornographic materials, adult sex toys, and other adult paraphernalia (ie: dildos, cock rings, vibrators, graphic sex manuals, blow up dolls, etc.) where minors (those under the age of 18) frequent, and are able to view, touch, and purchase such items.

This leads to the sexual desensitization of our children, which contributes to earlier sexual activity and child pornography. It is our request that these businesses take responsibility for the children of Chico and maintain a family friendly shopping environment.

We request they remove, or place behind a partitioned area of their store, such items so they would only be able to be viewed and purchased by those 18 years of age or older. If actions are not taken immediately, we request the Chico City Council revise our municipal codes to require such actions, and enforce them.

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