#Animal Rights
Campbellton nb

Thank you spca for comming in to my yard and taking my dog for no reason and now wanting me to pay 110$ just to get her out and it goes up 20$ a day u people are crazy u shouldnt even be here ur doing more harm for dogs than u are helping them ur not sopose to take dogs away from their home where they are loved just cause some unfit person called only cause she barked u take her away ur sopose to help dogs find homes not take them away , all i gotta say is they are frauds i shouldnt have to pay for what i already own because of them well great job spca keep taking more calls from menatly unstable people so more people can get their dogs taken away for no reason. If you feel this is wrong please sign !

We the undersigned , call on the municipality of campbellton nb to stop the spca from taking dogs from loving homes without investigating just because they barked once isnt a crime they are nature they are ment to use their voice like we are allowed to use ours !

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