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For years, millions of people have enjoyed the pristine area affectionately known to locals as "Boca Chica". World class fishing, birding, and nature watching are just a few of the things that this magical place provides. For 60 years a pure beautiful beach has been preserved by both state and county taxes. Rare wildlife is currently protected on our beach. The beach itself is a valuable asset to our country's shore.

We are all for technological improvement, just not at Boca Chica Beach. This petition seeks to stop the SpaceX project from harming our great and precious Boca Chica Beach. Stop SpaceX!

We, the undersigned, object to the Spacex project at Brazos State Scenic Park, otherwise known as Boca Chica Beach. We object to any closing at any time of aforementioned Boca Chica Beach, for anything other than maintenance.

Furthermore, we would like to request that the state revoke management of Boca Chica Beach, and that the state manage the park on behalf of the tax payers of Cameron County, and the great State of Texas.

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