#Animal Rights
President Donald J. Trump and Canadian Prime Minister
United States of America

I have been an outspoken activist for the Wolves and trying to stop the government sanctioned killing of these Noble creatures for years. The Wolf is an extremely important part of the wild eco-system. They help keep nature in balance.

Hunting of the wolf for sport is a travesty and should be illegal as it once was. There is absolutely no need for such killings of such an intragal part of our Wildlife and Wilderness in general. There is more than enough evidence to support this.

Stop Killing OUR Wolves in the Northern Rocky Mountain States, Wisconsin, Montana, and Alaska NOW 2016
Author: Tanya Payne
Target: President Donald J. Trump, Governors of Wyoming, Idaho,Utah, Wisconsin, and all the Northern Rocky Mountain States and Alaska

The current assault against wolves in the wild, through hunting, trapping, poisoning dens, etc. is unnecessary and an indictment on the American People if we continue to look the other way, We must put an end to this unprovoked and inhumane slaughter of OUR WOLVES in the wild. They are a vital part of the eco-system and our environment needs them to stay balanced. Thank you. Tanyaisa Payne

Target: President Donald J. Trump and the Governors of Wyoming, Idaho, and Alaska
Sponsored by: TanYaisa Voice for the Wolves (Tanya Hawkins Payne)
On behalf of the following petitioners,

PLEASE STOP the AERIAL GUNNING and "shoot on sight" and "sponsored wolf hunts", poisoning and trapping of OUR WOLVES in the wild in North America. This is a senseless and unnessasary asault on and SLAUGHTER of "OUR" wolves in an apparent attempt to erradicate the wolf.

Wolves are vital to keeping nature in balance, critical to our ecosystem and keeping herds of elk, deer, antelope, etc. in check. Today would be a wonderful day to do exactly that. If you care, as you claim to, about all American Citizens; I ask you this question. "HOW CAN YOU ORDER AND ALLOW such an HORINDOUS and INEXCUSIBLE COLD-BLOODED ASSAULT on one of America's most beloved and revered creatures, THE WOLF?"..Because of this species, tourism and the film industry has benefited greately from their mere presence in the wild and in our National Parks....... So help me, I cannot see a dog lover allowing this travesty of justice.

PLEASE ReCONSIDER your decision and orders to exterminate one of "GOD'S" most noble creatures. The wolf is an integral and absolutely a necessary part of the "real west", the natural eco-system. I had hoped you would value the life of at least a WOLF. If you would educate yourself just a "bit" about the part a WOLF plays in the natural order of things, I believe you would put a stop to this current and ever increasing slaughter. Help "SAVE" one of GOD'S most majestic and social creatures, the wolf, and you will not be remembered as the one who made absolutely sure the WOLF became extinct. The sad part is, the cowardly fashion by the shooter, in which the WOLF must face death! Especially from the aerial assault on them, it is a long, drawn out process. We, The American People HAVE MOST DEFINITELY seen it occur on Youtube, in documentaries and other videos easily accessible to anyone with a computer, VCR or DVD player. Many animal lovers and scientists, camera persons, documentary film producers and activists will never allow this one to go away.

Thank you, Sirs and Madams, for taking the time to consider this urgent issue; and please do the Right Thing this time. Every minute of every day, the killing continues and there is absolutely no excuse for these murders.

Please consider all the facts and view the videos and make the right decision. Laws are needed and enforcing them is even more important to stop these killings and save the wild wolf. Their numbers are dwindling daily. That is just plain shameful. Thank you and I am counting on you all to put these new laws protecting the wolf back into action.

The wolf is running out of time.

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