#Animal Rights
Liu Xiaoming

The purpose of this petition (without getting into a fur debate) is solely to prevent the skinning of live animals. China has recently come under fire but this is not acceptable in any country under ANY circumstances.

I am a so called ordinary person who saw a video from PETA on Facebook. My name is Alexandra Fainlight. I have written to the relevant departments and now I'm looking for support from YOU.

The video is very distressing and undoubtedly genuine.

Some practices we can't stop but I am of the belief that there is no benefit whatsoever to skinning an animal whilst it is ALIVE.

Please show your disgust. This is happening legally and unless action is taken it will continue to do so. Please take action and sign this petition.

This petition serves one purpose. To stop the skinning of animals whilst they are still alive. There are other petitions out there for fur and the like.

This is PURELY to PREVENT animals being SKINNED alive. In any country. Ever. This should be a highly criminal offence.

The video shows raccoons in China and as a result the petition shall be sent to the Ambassador of China and any other country we see skinning any animals alive.

There can be no benefit to skinning an animal alive.

We, the undersigned, are against the skinning of any live animal.

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