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Asia restraunts and fishermen.
United States of America

Every year over 100 million sharks are killed for their fins. Fishermen fish them from the water, slice off their fins then throw them back alive leaving them to die. How cruel can we be to these creatures?

We serve them as soup costing up to $100 or more when their fins actually don't have much flavor. The flavor of their expensive soup is often chicken flavored. Sharks reproduce like us, not laying eggs. This means that they can not reproduce as quickly as we are killing them off. Therefore there will soon be less and less of this magnificent animal alive in our oceans.

Stop their pain. Are we really putting a bowl of soup above a life?

We are asking that shark finning is stopped. Worldwide. We want to educate fisherman so they realize how inhumane they are being and speak out to the trading ports selling this animals' meat.

We, the undersigned, speak out to the fishermen, traders, and consumers involved in shark finning.

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