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The Parliamnet of Zimbabwe, The High court Of Zimbabwe, ZRP

It is with a heavy heart and insurmountable sadness that DPZ has learnt of the shameful and horrific incident circulating on social media in video format involving a group of touts as they unleash violence and outright sexual harrassment on a young lady because of her dressing.


While DPZ understands the frustrations in the country emanating from the failed economy, economic hardships and overall political disillusionment, the aggression and anger on an innocent young lady is misdirected, irresponsible and a downright disregard of her rights and dignity.

This act and any other acts of violence against women should be categorically castigated with the contempt they deserve. These acts do not belong in a civilised and democratic society which the DPZ aspires to build for a good and prosperous Zimbabwe.

DPZ welcomes the whispers that the police are investigating this incident and hope that it is not simply a public relations stunt. It is our hope that all the perpetrators meet the full wrath of the law. We urge the investigating officers to have a gendered perspective on this disgusting incident to ensure that the victim of this heinous crime feels safe, protected and secure.

DPZ also urges parliament to pass a bill that will protect women from these and other incidents. This is by no means an isolated incident and it's about time that our parliament shows that as elected legislators, they feel for our women, mothers and daughters and will protect them from violations of their human rights.

We seek a nation that will respect the dignity of every individual and that includes the girl child, our daughters, mothers and all women.

It is in this light that we petition parliament to enact a bill for the protection of women.

We also petition the police commissioner to follow up on this case and to keep a close eye on the investigation to ensure justice is not only done but is seen to be done.

We also urge other human rights organisations, women's rights organisations and concerned citizens to hold the government to account in order for the rights of women to be protected.

Please sign this petition, which we will pass to the police commissioner, and parliament through the speaker of parliament, as well as to the High Court.

Together WE can stop harrassment.

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