#Children's Rights
United States of America

There are several thousand kids who are being bullied and over 76% of them commit suicide. Bullying is hurtful, and can sometimes cause kids who started with just making fun of someone to accidently killing them in a fight. I'm trying to make it stop because I was bullied myself.

We, the undersigned, call on the UN to do more to stop bullying in schools. It causes several people to commit suicide when they have such a bright future ahead of them. It also causes many children to be accidently killed in fights or severely injured.

I was bullied myself and several times I considered suicide because of how awful it was, but then I remembered that I had a dying father depending on me and tried to just ignore the bullying, but it has to stop. It cannot be ignored, so it must end now.

How many children have to commit suicide or be murdered before they turn 13 before we decide to do anything about it?

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