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local parliament in each state, federal parliament, media, ticket issuers & eBay

Stop Scalpers - Take Action

Make it illegal for tickets & merchandise to be sold for more than face value.

For years I've found myself frustrated by scalpers. Their objective is simple, to buy event tickets & merchandise in mass & re-sell them to the public & make a huge profit. Tickets are most commonly re-sold via online sites such as eBay. It's a get rich quick scheme. A scheme which affects all of us, the fans. Whether it be music or sporting events, the fans end up losing out & not getting tickets to the events. If they do end up getting tickets, is because they've generally been forced to pay anywhere from double to 10x more than the official retail price.

I've had enough. It's time to fight back. With your help, we can take this to the top & change the law. My plan is to get as many people as possible to join this site & let their opinions known. Once a significant number of people have joined I will start by taking this to local parliament in each state, to federal parliament, to a variety of media including newspaper, radio & television, to ticket issuers & to eBay.

Examples of current legislation:

The Victorian Minister for Sport and Recreation has declared some events as “declared events” under the Sports Event Ticketing (Fair Access) Act 2002 (Vic). Examples of declared events include the Australian Football League Grand Final and the 2007 World Swimming Championships. This legislation deems the conditions on tickets to such events as valid and enforceable. Those conditions include the requirement that these tickets must not be re-sold above their face value. Tickets for declared events must be listed at the face value of the tickets or below, using the “Buy it Now” function.

Queensland legislation makes it unlawful for a seller to sell or offer for sale tickets to some events held in Queensland at a price greater than 10% above the original ticket price for the ticket. If you are selling a ticket to a national or international sport, recreational or entertainment event, or special event that is staged at a facility that the Queensland Government has declared to be a major sports facility, you must not, within or outside Queensland, resell (this includes offer for sale) the ticket at a price greater than 10% above the original price of the ticket. For more information, please see Part 4A of the Major Sports Facilities Act 2001.

Help put a stop to scalpers. Please sign this petition. Together we can make a difference.

We, the undersigned, call on local government, federal government, ticket issuers & eBay Australia to address the scalping issue & make it illegal for event tickets (such as music, sporting & arts) to be sold for more than face value.

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