#Human Rights
Federal Laboratories AKA Pennsylvania Labortories CS Inc. SALTSBURG, PA 15681-0305 USA 412-639-3511

Since February 14, 2011 the government of Bahrain has been using excessive force to quell peaceful protests and then punish the protesters by targeting them in their neighborhoods and homes.

Excessive amounts of teargas is being fired and dropped into enclosed areas including INTO homes themselves. Four deaths have been directly linked to this practice.

The following are links to videos of this practice:

And to an article describing the recent death of a woman in her home from CS gas asphyxia:

And this is a site documenting several of these incidents:

We, the undersigned, call on FEDERAL LABORATORIES, AKA Pennsylvania Laboratories CS, INC. to end sales of teargas to the repressive regime of Bahrain which is misusing this gas to poison peaceful, unarmed people in their homes.

Normally used for CROWD CONTROL, this gas is being used in situations where there are no crowds. It is being fired and dropped into narrow alleyways, courtyards and fired through windows of homes in the middle of the night, starting fires and suffocating residents who have nowhere to escape the toxic effects. Teargas being used in this manner against families in their homes is an intolerable violation of human rights. Four deaths are directly linked to this practice and include the death of a 5 year old child.

FEDERAL LABORATORIES should be held responsible for continuing sales of CS teargas to the government of Bahrain in view of the overwhelming evidence of it's misuse.

We want the manufacturer of this gas to be made aware of the gross misuse of their product and to stop supplying this dangerous gas to all repressive regimes, and in particular, to the government of Bahrain.

Another resource for information and details of the victims of this abuse are here: http://is.gd/B38WnQ

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