#Local Government
Town Board, Town of Huntington
United States of America


1. Close proximity to residential neighboring properties .

2. Adverse affect on property values

3. Another 24 hour convenience store & gas station located less than a quarter mile away. A 24 hour 7-11 within a half mile. Stop & shop grocery store right across the street that's open till 12 at night.

4. Minimum rear yard set back required is 25 feet. Proposed site plan is 15 feet to residential property in the rear of new proposed convenience store.

5. As per town code 198-32.c-11 section A paragraph 2. Total retail space shall not exceed 1500 square feet, refer to site plan for proposed 1692 square foot retail space.

6. As per Town Code 198-32.C-11 section B paragraph 1. No parking or loading area shall be located within a required rear yard or any contiguous yard that abuts a residence district boundary or property used for residential purposes, refer to site plan for proposed parking plans of 19 feet from residential property.

7. As per Town Code 198-32. C-11 section C. Height requirement per town code is maximum 30 feet, proposed 35 feet per site plan.

8. As per Town Code 198-32. C-11 section C paragraph 1. There shall be not less than 150 feet of frontage on each street on which the lot fronts. Catherine Street frontage is only 124.83 feet as per site plan

9. As per Town Code 198.32. C-11 section C paragraph 2. No side or rear yard adjacent to the residence district boundary shall be less than 50 feet.

10. Added traffic to an already busy road.

11. Noise Pollution & garbage debris.

12. Fuel trucks deliver fuel past 11:00 pm almost every night of the week.

We, the undersigned, call on the Town of Huntington, Town Board to deny this change of zone from C-7 Minor Commercial Corridor District to C-11 Automotive Service Station District for the purpose of building a 24 hour convenience store and gas station at the Speedway Gas Station located at 412 Fort Salonga Road, Northport, NY 11768, DIST. 400, SEC. 56, BLOCK 2, LOT 30.

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