#Human Rights
Salem City Hall Salem, MA
United States of America

Petition Summary and Background:
Petition of MRM Project Management, LLC for the property located at 3 Harmony Grove Rd, and 60 & 64 Grove street in Ward 6, Salem, MA.

The Site Plan Review is as follows.. The proposed project includes construction of three residential buildings (total of 141 units) A population of 315 people and at a density of more than 25 apartment units per residential acre. three buildings each being more than 185 feet long and 60 feet wide and 4/5 stories tall and 50/60 feet high.

This project was presented to the City of Salem on December 22, 2011.

We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who object to the redevelopment of the former Salem Oil and Grease Property. This development is too large and is incompatible with the existing neighborhood which will affect the integrity of the Salem Historic Area.

Our concerns as Salem Residents are as follows:

* With the already approved two sites in Ward 6, Located at Goodhue St. and Mason St. adding this new development will increase the population to approximately 1000 new people, which will also increase the traffic in our already congested city/neighborhoods
* Lack of Screening for residence nearby
* Flooding: on Harmony Grove Rd. will Reroute traffic to nearby neighborhoods
* Wildlife Homes;
* Concerns about Toxic Land;
* More Overcrowded classrooms;
* The need for a proper Retaining Wall to support the Banken that is already washing away;
* With the estimated children to reside in these; buildings the tax rate for homeowners will increase.

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