#Law & Order
Office of Road Safety, Western Australian State Government

In light of the recent tragedy involving a driver who ran a red light and killed a 5 year old child, we are concerned about the lack of attention paid to red light offenders in terms of punishment and enforcement.

The problem here in the state of Western Australia, offenders receive only a traffic ticket for the amount of $150 and three demerit points for violation of a traffic control device. This means the fact that they caused an accident and injured another human being often does not come into play.

We believe the law for running a red light and causing an accident should be more then just a fine. That is why we propose, that in a case like this the person at fault should have their drivers license suspended for 3-6 months depending on their driving record.

We also propose that cameras should be put up at all intersections (big & small). So for those that thought they got away with it, really didn't.

We, the undersigned, ask the Members of Parliament of Western Australia to take a look at our traffic laws, in regards to red light running and related accidents and make the penalties stiffer for those who can't obey the rules of the road.

We need to stop the red light runners.

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