National Collegiate Athletic Association
United States of America

The NCAA is placed in the difficult position of having to punish collegiate athletic programs for rules violations occurring in the past. One tool commonly used is to ban a program from post-season play and/or take away player scholarships.

Schools often self-impose sanctions, hoping it will lessen the wrath should the NCAA act on its own. The most recent situation involves the men's basketball team at USC. The school has sanctioned itself by removing itself from post-season play. This only harms the current players and coaching staff - both of which had nothing to do with the rules violations.

Punishment should be better directed at the people with responsibility for the violations, including the athletic director and designed to affect the schools as a whole to better encourage the prevention of future violations.

We, the undersigned, call on the NCAA to restructure the punishment of collegiate athletic programs for rules violations by reducing the harm to innocent players, coaches, and fans.

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