Toyota Prius owners around the world are mostly "nature-friendly" kind of people, and 90% of Prius owners have a Prius because of "save nature" perspective.

What they don't know, is that production of their Prius hurts environment much more than standard petrol/diesel powerd cars do in their whole lifetime. Also, production of Prius goes around the world (ex. Nickel mining, Canada, refining mined Nickel in Europe, further production in China, and sent to Japan where it is fitted into a car). Not mentioning the fact that parts are all being shipped across the globe, and cargo ships are not so nature friendly.

Studies have shown that in a long term, Prius makes more environmental damage than Land Rover Discovery in its whole lifespan.

We call on Toyota to stop making model Prius, or to find a better solution in its production, that will be more environmental friendly.

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