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Ridiculous coverage of their lifestyle.

Why do the press have a need to put David and Victoria Beckham on the front page of every newspaper and magazine worldwide? She travels the world with surgically enhanced breasts and pout, he travels the world(injured) wearing clothes that you only wear if you can afford to throw them away after 1 wear.

My big passion in life is football(soccer). David Beckham was a fantastic footballer whose career went into a nosedive when he met the not particularly attractive Victoria Adams, he sold his football skills to be a piece of bling hanging of her arm.

Am i the only person who thinks that he sold himself out of football(soccer) when he signed for the galaxy, and then ungracefully graced the front pages of the U.S gutter press? Why why why why why are these no-marks lorded upon worldwide?

Stop press coverage of the Beckhams.

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