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To send the petition to the Government of the People Republic of Bangladesh

Bangladeshis are suffering from heart attacks 10 years earlier than typical sufferers in the west, says the preliminary findings of a Cambridge study.

“The average age of Bangladeshis who suffer heart attacks is 52, with approximately forty percent of the cases involving people below the age of 50,” said Rajiv Chowdhury, principal investigator of the study.

Toxic heavy metals such as arsenic, copper and lead in fish and rice may be increasing the risk of heart attacks, the study suggests.

Along with the English university, Dhaka-based health research institution ICDDR,B and the Bangladesh National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases are conducting the ongoing study.

Rajiv Chowdhury, senior scientist at Cambridge University, presented the findings at a seminar titled “Bangladesh at Risk of Acute Vascular Events” in ICDDR,B auditorium in the capital yesterday.

The study, which began in 2011, will continue for another couple of years. So far 4,000 cases of heart attacks have been analysed under the study.

I agree to the cause of this petition and strongly believe that the Bangladesh Government must take immediate action against poisonous substance being added to our food. The Government must implement strong punishment to those who do not follow the law. This needs to come into effect immediately!

Poisoning food is a very serious criminal offence against all human beings.

We owe this action to our children and future generations.

I, the undersigned, call on the Bangladesh Government to put a stop to poisonous substance being added to our food.

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