#Animal Rights
ParaMount Property Management, LLC
United States of America

Please help us stop our Homeowner's Association from taking our beloved pet. Jewel is a very loving pitbull who have been with our family for almost a year.

When we were searching for housing in North Carolina we made sure that the county and the community would be ok with pitbulls.

We were told by the builders that we were ok and now we are told that we must get rid of her.

Please help us stop this from happening!

We are requesting the Homeowener's Association, ParaMount Property Management, LLC, to allow our pitbull, Jewel, to stay with us on the bases that the builders were informed that we owned a pitbull and informed us she would be ok.

She is kept indoors and has a gated and locked 6 foot privacy fence to play in. She is trained, not aggressive, and is easily controlled.

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