To: President, Senate Leaders, House Leaders of US
United States of America

The President, The Retiring Majority in Congress have proven they do not know how or why 40 Million people are not as secure in their lives, along with 40 Million already poor, have become no better off in the last 30 Months.

While they all argue how to divide the too rich from the not rich enough, WE the People are praying and crying out for the Uniting in Pursuit of Prosperity promised by the Constitution, and all who take the Oath of Office.

This is a Petition, not a Proposal, submitted lawfully and in a timely manner for the consideration of the US House and Senate. It is the one, and only one, action that can and will bring the desired results.

We are imploring the Department of the Treasury to forebear and suspend the collection of any wages, profit, and/or interest/principle for the period of one year.

{We are petitioning the Congress of the United States of America to enact in the most expeditious manner a law to collect (a fair share of) revenue from each of the 50 States and The Protectorates, in Proportion to the distribution of population, certified by the Census of 2010, and further enact a codicil (ensuring the) graduating (of) the responsibility of each and every Jurisdiction based upon the level of un-employment in that Jurisdiction. So have WE been empowered, so should it be considered, forthwith.}

This would be a victory, a validation, and a vindication for ALL concerned.

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