#Consumer Affairs
Corporate Fast Food Companies
United States of America

We have all seen it, that burger, burrito or chicken leg that you ordered at your favorite fast food joint, in many unnecessary layers of packaging. Wrapped in paper, placed inside a box and then put on a tray with a paper liner.

Sanitary concerns are of course a factor, but from kitchen to counter is usually less than 12 feet. If a fast food establishment can have their food contaminated in the few seconds and feet between the kitchen and customer, then they have no reason being in business.

It’s really simple. When we(the consumer) choose to “dine in” at our favorite fast food restaurant, give us the choice to have our meal placed on the already sanitary tray liner and forgo the other wrappers. They are going to be removed and discarded in a few seconds anyway.

The end result for everyone involved. #1 The planet wins with less trash and all the associated environmental costs that go along with it. #2 Fewer trees needed for the raw materials to manufacture these packaging products. #3 Corporate Fast Food Wins with lower operating costs associated with purchasing, transporting, storing and disposing of unnecessary packaging materials.

We are talking about a cumulative elimination of thousands of tons of waste, fuel to transport it and the costs to collect and process it… per year!

We the undersigned, call upon all corporate fast food companies to allow consumers the option of “less packaging” during a purchase.

For the “dine in” experience, give the consumer the option to receive their meal without multiple layers of packaging that will be immediately removed and discarded.

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