President of India

February 21, 2006

Statistical Overview, Mig-21s in India:

1963 to 1970: 7 MiG-21 accidents; 1 per year.

1971 to 1980: 21 accidents; 2.1 per year.

1981 to 1990: 32 accidents; 3.2 per year.

1991 to 2000: 75 accidents; 7.5 per year.

2001 to 2002: 22 accidents; 11 per year.

The Mig-21 has crashed too many a times killing our fighter pilots. This may appear as an inspiration from Rang De Basanti, and if it does, let it be so. But the statistics reveal a lot to contemplate.

It can not be a mere coincidence that only Mig-21s are facing accidents. Jaguars or Sukhois are not. If we lose pilots now, what will we do at war? Let us come together and sign this petition to protect our pilots.

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