District Attorney of California, USA

Neopets has been unfairly freezing players for a long time now. They say they have the right to freeze accounts that have cheated, but they don't look at proof when a player says they have not cheated!

WELL, NO MORE. When you have NC on your account and you are unfairly frozen, it is outright stealing of your money. Real dollars spent on an account that is taken without an investigation by Neopets is an outrage that should not be allowed to continue!

Why would they want to take a player's account if they have not cheated? I can't say for sure, but you do know that there is a black market for selling Neopoints and Neopets items online for U.S. Dollars. Maybe someone is making a lot of money, I don't know, but it needs investigation.

The District Attorney of California is filing complaints against VIACOM/Neopets about this very issue. If you YOU have NC on an unfairly frozen account, SIGN this petittion! It will be forwarded to the DA of CA so they may add it to their file.

They have assured me if there are many complaints it will be investigated as internet fraud!

I think we can easily get 1,000 names to send, don't you? Sign today.

We, the undersigned, have been wronged by Neopets.com. We have had our accounts unjustly accused of cheating and then frozen by Neopets staff. They have not allowed us to present proof, or addressed the proof of innocence which we can provide.

We have spent money on our accounts and feel it has been stolen from us. We are asking you, District Attorney of California, to make an investigation into the company and determine if they are justified in taking our money rightfully or legally.

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