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To date the current Government has raised petrol prices, increase the cost of living for everyone, increased VAT during the hardest economical times for its people in decades, Stood by and allowed energy companies to have free reign over their unjustifiable prices, benefited illegally from expenses and have never been brought to justice and continue to expect the hard working people of Britain to accept the terms and bail them out.

Banks, Petrol companies, Energy companies all register mass profit - why are they not being held accountable and we are? It cannot be ignored any more as soon this country's people will have no homes, no rights and no money as the greed of these establishments knows no bounds,

I am asking people to sign this and petition against the government's control to decide our fate. It is the Governments of past who have created this problem and have to date had no accountability to these problems, why should banks and petrol companies and energy companies, food agencies, water agencies etc all profit when they have all contributed to the current Financial mess.

This petition is simply a petition against everyday hard working people being made to pay for mistakes they had no part in making.

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The Stop National Persecution through rising costs due to Bank Mislending and poor Government regulation petition to The United Kingdom Public was written by Chris and is in the category Justice at GoPetition.