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The future looks bleak for the youths of today. The shows on MTV are teaching us to be for lack of a better words, idiotic. For example: Teen Mom, allowing it seem okay to get pregnant at 16 without real consequences only fame and fortune.

Jersey Shore, Laguna beach, The Hills etc. all show that partying and cat fights are a way of life. Our planet is slowly dying and if we continue to teach the future generations the unrealistic values shown on this station imagine how much worse the world is going to be for our children's children.

Please help to save our society! MTV is no longer "Music Television" it promotes backwards values and teaches adolescents that it is okay to be a promiscuous drunk, that it is cool to be a teen mother, and overall how to be a irresponsible human being.

We need to be focusing on teaching our youth more important things like saving the planet, helping each other, keeping the population under control and upkeep of morals/values of a decent society.

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