the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled

Our World heritage region between the majestic Wollumbin (Mt warning) the Border Ranges and across to the Nightcap & McPherson range, spreads also out over the Queensland border into the lamington ranges and way back across to Byron Bay and more.

“These rainforests hold half of Australia’s plant species” (National Geographic).
These regions have existing ongoing cultural and ceremonial significant heritage for the Bundjalung Nation.

Many of these mobile phone towers are being placed in environmentally sensitive areas within the caldera of these magnificent places, imposing on the corridors that connect and enable wildlife that seek out food, breeding migration and pollination between these places which are of complex and ancient biodiversity.

We want to stop these massive towers going up. They are staining the very integrity of these landscapes.


To the Honourable President and members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

The petition of the undersigned shows: We estimate approximately 3,000 people within our region are currently supporting this moratorium, with more to follow.

Your petitioners request that the Senate: Take action for a Moratorium on existing and proposed 3, 4, & 5G mobile phone towers in our area until pending the finalisation of the following reports.

Which is our area?
Our three World Heritage Listed national parks of the Northern Rivers, NSW Region, including the private lands which form the connecting wildlife corridors.
They are:

  • Nightcap Range
  • Mt Nardi, Wollumbin (Mt Warning )
  • The Border Ranges, NSW

Why the Moratorium?
We want Government to take the following actions:

1. To properly compile a report, based on Local and International standards, on wildlife biodiversity research and impact studies for the effects on flora and fauna from these current and proposed mobile phone tower sites. We want action to be taken to review the current mobile phone towers on Mt Nardi, in the World Heritage listed Nightcap Range.
See these 11 towers here.

2. To halt all tower construction. The spokesperson for the Elders of the Bundjalung Nation states a need to review all mobile phone tower sites, current and proposed, to compile a report to ensure the protection of Aboriginal heritage and country.

3. To take action on community concerns and EHS. Properly address and record EMR exposure near these towers, based on International standards, to include Schools and Businesses, Social impacts, Environmental impacts, Insurance, Compensation and Negative health-related outcomes on employment. Also review ARPANSA ‘Guidelines’ which currently allows ‘safe’ Australian Electro Magnetic Radiation levels to be 100 times higher than China and most European nations.

We endorse the statement below, on the deployment of 5G in the EU:

"We believe it should be unethical to ignore the available evidence waiting a possible ‘a posteriori’ demonstration of health damages in the presence of a present and potentially manageable risk for public health”.

-International Society of Doctors for the Environment (ISDE )

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