Canadian Sand and Proppants
United States of America

Canadian Sand and Proppants is trying to build a massive Silica Sand Processing facility WITHIN the city of Chippewa Falls, WI.

They sent their secret agents into the area to buy up the sandstone hills and negotiated with the Planning commission and City Council to get the permits and funding without revealing that they wanted to bring this air polluting heavy industry into our clean little town. This appears to be a test case to see if they can get a combination mine and processing plant into a small town.

Concerned Chippewa Citizens was formed in haste to try and stop the nearly completed approval process, and with two lawsuits have at least slowed them down. Unfortunately these big companies have targeted upper Wisconsin and are trying to take the unique sand we have and leave us like looking like West Virginia. If we can stop them here perhaps we can stop the whole invasion

We, the undersigned, protest Canadian Sand & Proppants, Inc. coming into the city of Chippewa Falls. This mine site will be unique because work such as sandstone crushing will be carried out at the plant site rather than at a quarry.

There has been no finding that this mine site will not affect the health and well-being of the entire community, including surrounding townships. Having a heavy industrial plant that will emit crystalline silica as well as other hazardous chemicals close to R-1 and R-2 housing, schools, and daycare centers is unprecedented in this area.

In addition we feel the truck traffic, noise, and constant lighting will negatively impact residents of this entire community.

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