#Animal Rights
Victorian Racing Industry

I want to stop Melbourne Cup because it is cruel to the horses that are forced into the gates and are forced to race when they don't want to be on the track.

1. The 2014 Melbourne Cup favourite Admire Rakti died of acute heart failure in a tragic aftermath to Tuesday's race. The Japanese horse has died because of a sudden death syndrome (being forced to race and being forced into the gates).

2. The second horse that died this year broke his leg because he was startled by a kid waving a flag at the horse it is not suitable for kids to do that.

3. The owners should learn how to manage their horses because horse racing is just cruel.

4. The gates are unsafe for the horses and can cause horses to break down on the track.

The reasons above clearly state why we want the Melbourne Cup to be banned.

This cruelty has to be stopped.

Horses worth millions of dollars are dying each year at the Melbourne Cup, Derby Day and in the Spring Carnival.

It's just down right cruel.

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