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This is a petition to stop Marvel from changing the legendary comic book hero Thor Odinson to a women. I totally agree that we need more female superheroes but to change a historical comic book hero that has always been one of the most powerful and devoted to a women who will carry the same name and hammer as Thor is so wrong in so many ways. When you think of Thor you see a tall and muscular man with blond hair. Since the news was heard around the comic book world there has been thousands and thousands of negative comments in reference to the new female Thor.

I believe by signing this petition I believe this could be a small step in showing marvel how disappointed the fans are. Mostly diehard Thor friends. Despite the outcome I will always think as Thor as the mightiest superhero from Asgard and the son of the all mighty all- father Odin.

We the fans of Thor from the marvel universe ask that the decision to change the son of Odin to a female be changed back to his original character. For over 35 years Thor has been a tall and muscular male who has been deemed worthy to carry the mighty Mjolnir.

We the fans of marvel and Norse mythology hope you will hear and understand our voices.

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