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Barnet Council deposited £27.4 million in Glitnir and Landsbanki banks between November 2006 and September 2007 which may never be recovered. A project to replace a railway bridge in Colindale had also run almost two times over budget.

The replacement of two 19th century bridges on Aerodrome Road was estimated to cost £12 million, but Barnet Council papers reveal that the cost climbed to more than £23 million. A report claimed, " the estimate proved grossly inadequate". In 2008, Catalyst, which operates daycare centres and homes for elderly residents, wanted an estimated £8.672 million after making massive losses on its £9m a year contract with the authority. Total about £43 million lost.

No-one seemed particularly accountable and no-one appeared to be blamed. Coincidently, in 2008/9, Barnet Council spent around £2 million refurbishing their offices. This is not "Government cutbacks". This is mismanagement of public funds. Barnet residents are being penalised for the Council's mistakes and excessive pay-offs and bonus schemes. We have lost our Town Hall and Registry Office and now the Library and Museum are under threat.

The planned 100% increase in parking and permit charges at a time of recession is not only an insult to residents and people who work, shop or visit Barnet, it's also an example of what Barnet Council is prepared to do to make US repay it's £43 million debt..TO US!!! We have to make them accountable for their ineptitude.

We, the undersigned, think Barnet Council should be accountable for the massive public debt they incurred between 2007 and 2009, approximately in excess of £43 million.

We want the Government to take action to ensure Barnet residents suffer only the current nationwide cutbacks, and not these exceptionally large local paybacks!

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