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The Book: Mad Sheep

Mad Cow Disease is only one of a deadly family of diseases called Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathy or TSEs (seemingly caused by Prions). TSEs are arguably more deadly than cancer, AIDs or biological or chemical weapons.

Mad-Cow is going to RUIN our society- soon, if it hasn't already! And guess what? OUR GOVERNMENT is causing this! Not just causing, but allowing!

If you already know this, PLEASE sign this petition- for the welfare of OUR country and YOUR loved ones. If you didn't know this until now, read the information on this site: http://www.1hope.org/tse.htm

The TRUE information that this site provides will make you feel sick. Once you are done scoffing at the government for their SICKening behavior, come back here and Sign. There WILL be something done about this if I have anything to do with this. Thank you.

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