#Civil Rights
Knysna Municipality and South African Police Force
South Africa

Stop loud all night parties disrupting peace on the Knysna Lagoon by enforcing existing municipal laws.

The Knysna Lagoon is a spectacular and peaceful place where many people live and enjoy holidays. It is a big tourist attraction and has been declared a blue flag estuary. However, there is an element which is disturbing the peace beyond reason and causing much unhappiness amongst residents of Knysna.

During weekends the peace is shattered for 3 days and nights straight as parties are held at a park in the middle of many residential areas.

The people play loud booming music constantly and refuse to pay any attention to the municipal laws signposted around the park. They also do not consider how their behavior affects the residents of knysna who live in the area.

We would like to enforce the law of no loud music, no drinking and driving as these people have races in their cars after consuming alcohol. There are children at these parties.

We would also like to have a shut down time which is reasonable for not only the residents peace, but for the safety reasons in general.

We the undersigned request that the Knysna Municipality and the South African Police force commit to enforcing the existing laws at Kathy Park and other public parks in Knysna.

These laws include certain hours that the parks may be frequented and that no unnecessary noise like revving of engines or loud music be tolerated whatsoever.

The dangerous element of racing cars while under the influence of alcohol should also be stopped for the safety of everyone. If people disregard these laws they must be prosecuted.

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