#Animal Welfare
Consumers of fur and/or cat and dog meat

Millions of cats and dogs are bred in inhumane conditions and sold to markets for their meat, or skinned (sometimes not completely unconscious) for their fur. The methods at which these animals are slaughtered are cruel and must be stopped immediately.

Video footage of slaughter houses and pictures of how the animals are transported provide irrefutable evidence that such cruel practices are still taking place, particularly in China and Korea. Fur pelts are sold to the US very cheaply and may be mislabeled as faux fur. And because cat/dog fur is so cheaply acquired, recent reports have shown evidence of them being mixed into other materials, and found on cheap, everyday products like stuff toys and pencil cases. More information may be obtained here:
To view video, click here: http://animalsaviors.org/

Many animal welfare organizations and humane societies have protested against the fur trade, as well as the inhumane killing of cats and dogs for meat. They include PETA, Friends of Dogs, Animal Saviors, International Aid for Korean Animals, etc. Through education and awareness, we hope to change hearts and minds, and eventually change laws. The objective of this petition is to raise awareness for this issue and to gather support from people all over the world. With your support, we hope that this practice will be banned on grounds of inhumanity. Please send this link to all your friends and family now.

To find out more information or to track our progress, see : www.stopliveskinning.wordpress.com

Chinese translation:
成千上万猫和狗在无人道的情况养殖并且被卖对市场为他们的肉或者为他们的毛皮被剥皮(有时还自觉) 。这些动物被屠杀的方法是残暴的,并且必须立刻停止。
屠宰场录影镜头和图片的动物怎样被运输提供铁证这样残暴的实践仍然发生,特别在中国和韩国。毛皮兽皮非常便宜地被卖到美国并且也许是错误标注的当虚假毛皮。 并且,因为猫或狗毛皮那么便宜地获取,最近报告显示了被混杂许多材料的证据。这些材料用各式各样的产品如玩具和笔匣。更多信息也许这里得到:http://stopliveskinning.wordpress.com/be-aware-of-the-facts/
要观看录影,这里点击: http://animalsaviors.org/

许多动物保护组织和人道社会抗议了反对毛皮贸易,并且猫和狗无人道的为肉杀害。 他们包括 PETA, Friends of Dogs (狗的朋友),Animal Saviors (动物救主)、International Aid for Korean Animals (国际援助为韩国动物) 等等。 通过教育,我们希望改变心脏和想法和最终更改法律。 这个请愿宗旨将提高对这个问题的了悟和会集支持从全世界人。 与你的支持,我们希望这实践根据无情将被取缔。 现在请寄发这个链接到所有你的朋友和家庭。
要寻找更多信息或跟踪我们的进展,请看: www.stopliveskinning.wordpress.com



We, the undersigned, call on the Chinese embassies and authorities to acknowledge the practice of killing cats and dogs for meat and fur as inhumane.

On grounds of inhumanity, the skinning of cats and dogs for fur trade must be banned.

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