Governor David Heinemen
United States of America

April 18, 2006

After the almost year long debate of the "One City, One School District" dispute between OPS and Millard/Ralston school districts, legislature passed the LB 1024 proposal that would seperate OPS into three school districts, based on location throughout the city.

LB 1024 splits OPS across at 72nd street, and down Dodge Street. There will be no more magnet schools, and "equal" funding will be presented to each district.

With the seperation of OPS, it would be taking a step back in time. In 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. died, while giving an equal rights speach. Years later, he is being betrayed, and his dream is being distroyed with the LB 1024. Even though it will go into affect in 2008, future generations will still grow up in a either prodominately white, black, or hispanic school. There will be no integration, there will only be prejustice and segregation.

Let the dream of thousands live on, and stop LB 1024.

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The Stop LB 1024 petition to Governor David Heinemen was written by Amy Hoefer and is in the category Education at GoPetition.