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It's based on well established research showing that the single most frequent reason stated by surrendering pet owners for relinquishing their pet to the shelter is "we're moving".

That translates as "it's too hard to find a rental that will allow me to keep my pet".

So let's eliminate or minimize that cause of shelter surrenders. This should also decrease the pets left to die inside abandoned foreclosed houses. This should decrease the numbers simply turned loose to fend for themselves (and create problems for citizens).

Pass a country ordinance that adds the category "pet" to the list of categories landlords are prohibited from discriminating against in rental housing.

We, the undersigned, call upon the United States Congress to include the word "pets" in the American Discrimination Act. It is not fair for families to have to choose between a pet and a place to live. Pets are a large part of their families.

The shelters and newspapers are full of ads that people are having to move because of the economy and will have to give up their pets because the landlords will no allow them.

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