#Animal Rights
Blacktown City Council- New South Wales

What part of animal re-homing officer dont they get? How is it the first implemented program of the animal rehoming officer to kill 5 out of 7 dogs on the kill list?

The AWL uses that temperament test to help rehabilitate dogs now, 20 years ago they used these temperament tests just to kill dogs. Blacktown pound can NOT ignore rehabilitation and just kill. Nearly 2 years of no kill rate for dogs blown away by the one person who was meant to save them, do we want to stand by and watch while blacktown pound turns into another RSPCA type killing field? NO!

Protest will be held on Monday 18/03/2013 -9:00am
Blacktown Council Chambers, 1 Flushcombe Road Blacktown.


We the people of Australia believe that animals being put to their death for no real apparent reason is unethical and cruel.

These animals had foster careers lined up and Blacktown pound advised there time would be up on Sunday yet they killed them days prior to this.

Blacktown pound knows very well that rescues come forth on Saturday and bail out these guys,yet they still killed them...

This is unacceptable. We want laws in place as this has mislead the public into believing these guys were safe until Sunday yet they killed days before hand.

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