#Animal Rights
Faroe Islands, Denmark, EU, Europe, UN

You might have wondered why the waters in Faroe Islands in Denmark is red. Is it because the water color changes naturally? Is there any chemical effect on this change? So, what is it?

This is a mass killing; absolute inhumane activities; by people in Faroe Islands in Denmark. This cruel action by so called civilized results in stabbing and killing hundreds of the intelligent Calderon Dolphins. This Act happens every year in Faroe Island in Denmark.

The participants in this uncivilized slaughter are young teens. The teens are encouraged to stab, cut, and kill as many dolphins as possible.

We, the undersigned, call on the EU to eliminate the slaughter of dolphin Calderon.

These dolphins are near to extinction.

They are intelligent and playful animals and they get near to humans to play and interact, just like other playful and friendly animals.

Stop Faeroe Island in Denmark from killing dolphins!

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