#Animal Rights
Parliament of Jordan مجلس النواب الاردني

The cruel shooting incidents against Canaan dogs in Mafraq And Rusayfah cities last week are evidences that these tragedian actions will never stop without taking serious legal actions.
With the support of Princess Alia Foundation and Greater Amman Municipality ; shooting and poisoning stray dogs became prohibited in Amman, replaced with a civilized way where dogs are saved, vaccinated, spayed and released back to their areas or kept in a safe shelter.
Al Rahmeh for animals association in Jordan is calling to stop any direct or indirect way that involves killing ,poisoning or shooting Canaan dogs in Jordan, whether from municipalities or individual citizens.
We need the humane actions taken in Amman to radiate and reach all cities, citizens and municipalities, we have to support our environment, tourism, and the reputation of Jordanian culture in dealing with weak creatures and animal welfare around us.
Animals are our partners on earth, God created us all to live together and we have no right by any law to control over when and how to end their lives.
Stop shooting and poisoning dogs of Jordan!

نحن الموقعون أدناه نرفع هذه العريضة ونطالب مجلس النواب الاردني بنص قانون و نظام و تعليمات تمنع منعا باتا قتل الكلاب الكنعانية باي شكل من الاشكال سواء من امانة عمان، المحافظات، البلديات الموقرة او قبل السكان

We the undersigned call on the Parliament of Jordan and all municipalities to stop and prohibit shooting and poisoning stray dogs of Jordan in all it’s cities.

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