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The horse track people, gambling interests and the politicians who have money in their pockets are not going to stop until they get their way.

The politicians are particularly vague on the casino issue. They know casinos are not popular with voters, so they give non-committal answers when asked about support for casinos, saying only they support giving Kentuckians "a chance to vote" on the issue. This rhetoric means they want casinos - and won't stop until they get them.

Gov. Beshear and his powerful gambling allies know the recipe for getting an unpopular measure passed: First, get the gambling measure on the ballot during a mid-term election cycle, when voter apathy is high and turnout is very low.

Then, with enough television ad saturation and unprecedented get-out-the-vote campaigns in urban Democrat strongholds, the casino ballot measure has a better than 50% chance of passing.

WHEREAS, we the undersigned, oppose the creation of a gambling casino gaming in Kentucky.

WHEREAS, Legislation is being drafted at the directive of gambling interests rather than the citizens.

WHEREAS, casinos would set the tone for future economic development in the state and discourage many businesses from locating here except those that saw profit in serving casino clientele.

WHEREAS, casinos will concentrate political power in the hands of casino operators and take it away from ordinary voters.

WHEREAS, economic development promised by casino operations does not materialize, as experienced by other states.

WHEREAS, politicans supporting casinos are 'in the pocket' of casino interests.

WHEREAS, studies indicate casinos lead to an increase in social and economic issues such as gambling addiction, embezzlement, robbery, prostitution, bankruptcy and spousal abuse.

THEREFORE, we urge the elected officials of our communities to reject casino gambling in Kentucky. We ask that you instead promote development that will enrich the community, attract future economic development and create an environment that adheres to good family values and is conducive to raising children. That being said, we, the undersigned support the Stop Kentucky Casinos Petition.


The Undersigned

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