#Animal Welfare
Australian Government

Thousands of animals are used every day in scientific research. They are mutilated, abused and are in terrible pain. As human beings we are obligated to look after animals, and their welfare is directly in our hands.

Many of the drugs in which animals are used to test for efficacy and safety for use in humans have shown to be just the opposite. Many lives have been lost due to drugs that indeed are not safe for human or animal consumption. Human body systems are not similar to animals and these experiments are not only futile but a waste of money and time. Not to mention the unending suffering of animals at the hand of these scientific pursuits.

The EU has successfully banned experimentation on animals for cosmetics, this is the first step. Let's help Australia follow suit. Animals deserve better.

To the Australian Government

With this petition we pledge our distaste for internally invasive animal experimentation in the name of science. Furthermore, with this petition we request the government to stop all internally invasive animal experimentation in Australia. With technological advances that permit science to use new technology and methodology without the use of animals, animal experimentation is not required. Animals suffer at the hands of researchers who use the name of science to permit animal suffering.

Due to the differing bodily systems between animals and humans scientific research on animals can not come close to the truth. Animals have the right not to be vivisected or dissected.

We ask that all internally invasive animal experimentation (drug experimentation), for education (in terms of healthy animals used for dissection purposes, then euthanized) and for cosmetics be banned in Australia.

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